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Distributor Qualification Requirements

ZeoFill Incorporated is committed to the success of our brand and our distributors. Our goal is to offer distributorship to the most qualified people in each market and establish long-term mutually beneficial business partnership with our distributors. ZeoFill distributors will enjoy exclusive representation of ZeoFill products in the authorized territory and the most competitive wholesale prices from ZeoFill. ZeoFill takes pride in setting high standards for its authorized representatives. We seek individuals and/or businesses that are able to meet all the following qualifications and will be dedicated in promoting online and distributing ZeoFill products.

1. To become a dealer it is required to place ZeoFill logo and information "in your own words" on your website. This gives you better online presence which is beneficial for both ZeoFill and your company. If you choose not to place ZeoFill information onto your website or if you have removed ZeoFill information from your site, we have the rights to remove your logo and advertising from our site. 

2.  Distributors must have previous experience in selling turf and/or infill products.

3.  Must have the means to remove product off a delivery vehicle.

4. The prospective distributor must meet the mutually agreed annual sales quota; ZeoFill reserves the rights to adjust the sales quota annually based on market demands unless otherwise specified on contract. 

5.  For the distributors success we request that phones have coverage during regular business hours and that messages be returned with in the same day.

6.  All inquiry's will be automatically added to a Monthly Newsletter or email advertisement. We will not sell any of your information to a 3rd party vendor. 

7.  All dealers are to sell to the public or provide a way to get product to your customer if you don't have a store front. 

ZeoFill will work with its prospective distributors for a trial period of 3 months to develop specific regional markets. This arrangement allows both parties the flexibility to learn about each other’s capabilities, establish trust and evaluate the sales potential and efforts for ZeoFill products in the local market. 

Upon meeting the above qualifications within the trial period, the potential distributor will be appointed ZeoFill distributorship. The newly appointed distributor will be evaluated annually against the qualification requirements stated in the contract. The distributorship will be renewed if qualifications are maintained. If the distributor fails to fulfill the requirements as stated in the contract, the distributorship will be reassessed for possible termination. 

Business Credit Application

Dealer Online Affiliate Program
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All submissions and applications are subject to review and approval. Completing this form does not guarantee your acceptance into our Wholesale program.
Toll Free 888.926.4785
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Dealership Options:

ZeoFill Division -  Below Wholesale

When a company/individual inquires in becoming a ZeoFill Regional Division Office you are required to purchase a minimum order of 20 pallets and 250 metric tons annually. Weather condition in some areas will be considered. It is the expectation to acquire a minimum of 6 Authorized Dealers and/or Distributors in your region and provide those companies information to ZeoFill Corporate. We will evaluate those companies given by you and provide them online support to ensure loyalty to your company. (This will provide the security in case that company wants to buy direct from ZeoFill Corporate) Within the agreement ZeoFill Corporate Headquarters will provide a phone extension to be directed to your branch office. ZeoFill Inc. reserves the right to terminate such agreement should each expectation not be met. This is a binding agreement that can only be terminated by placing in writing your desire to cancel the contract. The letter or email must be received 30 days prior to cancellation of contract. If you are suspected of selling another brand zeolite, we have the rights to remove you from our website.  

  1. Must be able to purchase a full truckload (900 bags) and pay upfront for shipping. 
  2. Must be able to provide shipping capabilities to your customers. 
  3. Must be able to solicit dealers within your region.
  4. Must be able to provide Corporate Advertising products to your own customers. (Corporate will provide the PDF for brochures)  
  5. Must be in good standing with Creditors. 
  6. Must have a warehouse location with forklift.
  7. Must have a separate phone number and answer ZeoFill. 
  8. Must sell product within your own region and work with other divisions in other regions. 
  9. Refer out of region customers to the other region of origin or you can work with another division to provide product in that location. 
 10. Promote ZeoFill to the best of your knowledge. 
 11. Must have ZeoFill information on your website.

Authorized Dealers -  Best Pricing

When a customer purchases 8 pallets or more for distribution, we offer them Authorized Dealerships if there is not an Authorized Dealer in your location. A minimum order annually is required. We reserve the right to add other dealers in your area but you will have the Authorized status with online SEO advertising. If we don’t have Authorized Dealers in an area, we may choose to give you the Authorized Dealership for one year. After one year, we have the choice to give the Authorized status to someone who purchases more products. Ideally it is best to advertise ZeoFill on your website to transpose more sales for ZeoFill to keep your Authorized Status. You will receive advertising benefits with SEO marketing, their company is placed on ZeoFill website with a link to their website.  If the Authorized Dealership is given to someone else, you still can purchase product for the same amount and we will still keep your company on Google Maps on the ZeoFill website as a dealer. You will receive customer emailed inquiries that come from ZeoFill website. If product isn't purchased within a reasonable time frame or payment has been late or over-due, you will lose the Authorized Dealer status and online privileges. If you are suspected of selling another brand zeolite, we have the rights to remove you from our website and we have the rights not to add you back on the website if you choose to purchase from us again. This is to protect our warranty on our product. 

Distributors -  Standard Pricing

Distributors are required to purchase (4) Four 2200 lbs Pallets (50 lbs bags) or more for distribution. The company information will be placed on Google Maps only on ZeoFill website with a link to the new distributor's website. Only ZeoFill's online marketing in general area will be provided. Although NO Minimum orders annually is necessary, If product isn't purchased within a reasonable time frame or payment has been late or over-due, you will lose the Distributor status and online privileges. We will need proof that you still are holding ZeoFill in your warehouse due to generic zeolite companies selling cheap zeolite. If you are suspected of selling another brand zeolite, we have the rights to remove you from our website and we have the rights not to add you back on the website if you choose to purchase from us again. This is to protect our warranty on our product.  

PAYMENT: Unless other terms to the contrary are agreed to in writing by Seller, payment terms are net 15 or 30 days from the date of shipment. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the parties, all payments shall be made in United States currency. Whenever reasonable grounds for insecurity arise with respect to full and timely performance by Buyer, Seller may demand terms of payment different from those specified herein, and may demand assurance of Buyer’s full and timely performance. Seller may, upon making such demand, suspend or delay production, shipment and/or deliveries. If, within the period stated in such demand, Buyer fails or refuses to agree to such different terms of payment and/or fails or refuses to give adequate assurance of full and timely performance, Seller may: (a) by notice to Buyer, treat such failure or refusal as a repudiation by Buyer of the portion of the transaction not then fully performed, whereupon Seller may cancel all further deliveries and any amounts unpaid hereunder shall immediately become due and payable, or (b) make shipments under reservation of a security interest and demand pre-payment against tender of the Goods. If Seller retains a collection agency and/or attorney to collect overdue amounts, all collection costs of 35%, including attorney’s fees, shall be payable by Buyer. Seller is in contract with High Desert Creditors Service for Collections located at 14608 Main Street, Suite B, Hesperia, CA 92345 
Phone: 760-949-4133. 

Production Times -  ZeoFill has many dealers throughout the region. We require a 2 to 3 week lead time for production on every order. This does not include shipping times to your location. We do our best to accommodate emergency orders but it is not guaranteed. Please place your orders way before you run out of product. Sometimes our machines break down or weather permits us from producing product especially during windy seasons (May - July). Please understand these stipulations. 

Southern California Shipping LTL - ZeoFill has a flatbed trailer which can hold up to 8 pallets. Check with your sales rep for shipping costs.  

LTL Shipping outside So. Cal. - We do not provide LTL (Less than truckload) shipping due to inconsistencies with payments, pick up and delivery issues, insurance, and problems beyond our control. If you need small quantities, please contact your own broker. We will provide you with shipping locations closest to you. If you need a broker, we have several we can send your way. But we are not responsible for any shipping problems that could occur. 

FTL Shipping - We do help provide Full Truckload shipping. A full truckload is 20 pallets with a total weight of 45,000 lbs. 

Shipping Quotes - We do not guarantee shipping quotes. Quotes for a full truckload is good for 2 days. After two days you will have to pay whatever the lowest rate we receive from our shipping brokers. We do our best to provide the lowest rates, but is never guaranteed. 

Payment Terms -

  • 1. We accept checks, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), PayPal, wire transfers and cashier checks. No cash! 
  • 2. Must distinguish whether you're paying by check or credit card to sales representative before ordering.  
  • 3 .Upon credit check, ZeoFill starts with a Net 15 term. After a year, ZeoFill opts to increase your terms based on your payment history. 
  • 4. Absolutely no changing credit Terms to suit your needs. 
  • 5. Absolutely no using a credit card when Terms "Check" is listed on your invoice.
  • 5. Discount is provided on your invoice when you pay by check and "Credit Card" is listed on your invoice.
  • 6. No Terms available if paying invoice by credit card. Before shipping your order, your credit card will be charged. No credit! No Product!
  • 7. Late payments void any contracts between dealer and ZeoFill.
  • 8. Upon credit history, ZeoFill has the rights to revoke your Net Terms at any time.  

Flat Bed or Van Trailers - ZeoFill quotes Van Trailers because it is much cheaper than flatbed trailers. If you need a flatbed trailer, it is up to you to tell ZeoFill staff before you place your purchase order. It is up to your staff to unload the Van Trailer after it arrives at your location. You would need a pallet jack and a forklift. There are extra charges (usually double) if the driver is sent away because you cannot unload the truck. These extra charges will be applied to your final invoice and/or charge your credit card. If you dispute any charges because of deliver issues, we will charge you fees above the total invoice cost.   

If you are interested in working with us and becoming a ZeoFill Division, Authorized Dealer, or  Distributor, please fill out the Distributor Application Form to the best of your knowledge.

To request a PDF Distributor Application email us at and fax it back to us at 702-988-8796

We will evaluate your qualification and contact you shortly. If you don't hear from us, please email us an give us a nudge. It's possible our email system faltered or we misplaced it. 

NOTE: ZeoFill Inc. reserves the right to change or add items to the dealer agreement at any time. 

ZeoFill Inc. reserves the right to terminate dealer agreement should each expectation not be met.

Disqualification of Dealer status and Online privileges:  

•Dealer expectation is not met.
•Payment has been late or over-due. 
•If product isn't purchased from ZeoFill within a reasonable time frame. 
•If you sell ZeoFill more than Suggested Retail Price for your area.
•If Corporate Headquarters tries to contact via email and return communication is unsuccessful.
•If distributor purchases from another zeolite source.
•If your customer service lacks professionalism.

NOTE: Providing pricing to our competitors is a violation against our policy and all advertising SEO provided to your company will be removed from the ZeoFill website effective immediately. We then will have the rights to not to provide you with any further information. 

If you are suspected in selling another zeolite brand, we have the rights to warn consumers about generic zeolite on your special page we provide to all of our dealers. We also have the rights to completely remove your company off the ZeoFill website without notice. 
Reason is: We are tired of telling customers that white zeolite is not ours and they do not have a warranty even if it was sold as ZeoFill. "White zeolite is not ZeoFill!" 

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