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Pet Odor Control on Artificial Grass:                  
ZeoFill® is the #1 choice for synthetic turf infill for pet owners, areas with playgrounds & Sports Field application.                            Questions and Answers

What is Artificial Grass Infill?
Infill is used between grass blades for lawns that aren't real or artificial. Infill is spread down into the turf fibers to help the blades of grass stand up. It also protects the grass backing from ultraviolet rays which could eventually cause damage and void warranties. Some artificial grass infill options are ZeoFill®, Envirofill, Durafill, Copper slag, Silica Sand and/or Rubber.

For years there has been a struggle for pet owners to decide if artificial grass is beneficial for their dog. Since majority of dogs have accepted fake grass as their bathroom, their owners had to water down and flush out the urine bacteria from the turf. Many turf manufacturers have made antimicrobial pet turf to resist the bacterial ammonia from adhering to the turf fibers. Silica sand would hold ammonia urine resulting in a great deal of smell. A product call Durafill or Envirofill which is poly coated silica sand with limited odor killing properties was created to resist the bacterial ammonia from adhering to it. The urine bacteria would travel around the Durafill or Envirofill and embed itself into the underlayment of the turf. As the sun heats the turf, the urine bacteria would bake under the turf and gases would rise causing the urine smell to be more prominent. Companies would have to tell their customers to water down their turf once a week to get rid of the smell but never worked properly because water from a hose does not have enough force to push bacteria deep into the ground.

Solution: A product named ZeoFill® born in 2008 made out of a natural resource from the earth. It is different that any other infill because ZeoFill® is a negatively charged honey-combed molecular structure which absorbs the urine like a magnet and prevents the ammonia from forming a gas which is the main cause of smell. ZeoFill® Infill will pull any gases towards itself and hold it until sodium ion (Na+) in rain water releases the magnetivity and the force of heavy rainfall will flush out the bacteria, forcing it through the turf into the ground making your turf virtually new again. The sodium forces the calcium ions out and recharges the ZeoFill® when dry.

With ZeoFill® Save Water! There is no need to water the grass all the time to wash away urine smell.
In fact, do not water your turf down too often with ZeoFill® because you want urine to be absorbed in ZeoFill granules not the water from your hose. You can water it down if you need to clean it, but keep it to a minimum.

ZeoFill® helps control the urine odors but will not remove bad bacteria. With any synthetic turf, you still have to maintain it by removing bad bacteria with an enzyme cleaner such as Turf Doctors PE-51. Use this enzyme if your area doesn’t  rain periodically in a given year. We recommend this enzyme cleaner because it is made & shipped in a liquid form. Enzymes made from a powder will not properly clean ZeoFill granules. Only a live liquid enzyme such as PE-51 will control your turf odors. PE-51 covers 1500 to 1800 square foot of turf, comes with a garden hose attachment and has a shelf life of 30 years. 

How can I tell if an enzyme cleaner is made from a powder?
Companies will not tell you if their product is made from a powder before bottling. The only way to tell if their enzyme
is made with a powder is the bottom of the bottle will show granular residue after it has been sitting a while.

Drainage: No matter how compact this infill gets, ZeoFill® will drain 100% never having to worry about drainage.
A perfect solution for an artificial grass tennis or bocce ball court. It will hold over 55% of its weight and will
evaporate water slowly over time cooling the turf in warmer weather.  Beware of other zeolite products
(especially white zeolite) Click here for more details.

ZeoFill® will not deteriorate in excess of limits over time making it a choice infill for sports fields, pet grass,
landscape and putting greens. It is environmentally safe and a certified organic compound with no additives.
Zeolite dust will not harm the body like silica infills. Zeolite is a known substance which is sold as an animal feed
additive so it is perfectly safe for animals or children if swallowed.

ZeoFill® has been approved by leading manufacturers in the US to be used as an infill due to the purity, Mohs hardness and most of all it doesn't contain free silica. ZeoFill® recommends it is best to be installed on top of the grass inside the turf fibers to help control the odors but installers who use a non-infill product prefer to use ZeoFill® under the turf which is not as effective and voids any warranty with ZeoFill®.

You Ask, Can any zeolite work on my turf?
No, ZeoFill® is the only volcano ash that does not contain quartz - free silica. ZeoFill has the right hardness and purity level safe enough for artificial grass. There are volcano ash mines all over the world but every mine has different uses, hardness, sharpness, and impurities including lechatelierite (which is molten glass), lead, chromium, free silica, magnesium, and other negative properties which will not work with your artificial turf system. Other volcano ash can also void the turf manufacturer warranty. Make sure you ask your turf manufacturer (not installer) about infill warranties.

How can I tell if I am getting ZeoFill and not another brand?
There are three ways.
1. We have white poly logo'd bags with green label.
   If a company is selling volcano ash in brown paper bags, it's NOT ZeoFill. We don't use brown paper bags.
2. Put water on the volcano ash. If it turns a light green, then its not generic. But that still doesn't mean it's ZeoFill.
3. Ask your representative for their MSDS and Product Information Sheet. This will provide the truth about the Clinoptilolite content (Purity) and Mohs hardness.

Purity: ZeoFill® has a purity level of 98% with no negative purities that could potentially harm turf fibers. Purity is the key to how much ZeoFill® you install either on or under the turf. Most volcano ash mines are between 55 and 85% purity. A lesser purity zeolite could not have the correct absorbent ability to hold the urine and you would need more product per square foot to have the same absorbent as ZeoFill®.  There are companies trying to sell zeolite which will not work properly for artificial grass.

Benefits of using ZeoFill® on top of turf vs. under turf:
ZeoFill® is beneficial on top of the turf. When your dog urinates on the turf, the urine will instantly be consumed by the ZeoFill® granules preventing ammonia bacteria particles from traveling through the turf. The ZeoFill® granule will hold the ammonia water until it is cleaned with an enzyme solution or heavy rainwater flushes out the ZeoFill®. The ZeoFill® granules will be trapped inside the turf system and has a 5 year warranty on deterioration.

Under the turf usage: If you use zeolite under the turf, it will be eventually consumed by the underlayment base material. When it rains, the small granules will travel downward making it more difficult for the ZeoFill® to control the urine ammonia. Under turf usage is not warranted by ZeoFill®. It will be a waste of money and time. Because of the purity level in our product, ZeoFill® has been approved for turf infill usage which is the best choice.ONLINE

Will Your Zeolite Infill Last in your turf?
Mohs Hardness Requirements: Why is it important?

The Mohs scale of mineral hardness is based on the ability of one natural sample of matter to scratch another mineral. The samples of matter used by Mohs are all different minerals. Minerals are pure substances found in nature. Rocks are made up of one or more minerals. As the hardest known naturally occurring substance when the scale was designed, diamonds are at the top of the scale at 10. The hardness of a material is measured against the scale by finding the hardest material that the given material can scratch, and/or the softest material that can scratch the given material.

ZeoFill hardness is between 4.2 and 5 Mohs. It is softer than silica sand but hard enough that it won't break apart over time. Volcano ash that is too hard could tear turf fibers causing bare spots in your turf. Too soft 2 to 4 can degenerate (disapate) quickly & will not hold turf fibers in the upright position which will cause your turf to lay down and not perform as required by turf manufacturers. Do your research!

So, before choosing a company which claims to have the same product as ZeoFill®. Do your research!! You will be sorry after time.

ZeoFill a Branded Name:
It has been brought to our attention company's are calling their zeolite from other mines "ZeoFill".  ZeoFill has been branded well but please do not be fooled by just any zeolite. ZeoFill is only produced in white plastic bags never in brown paper bags. If your dealer brings you brown paper bags and calls it ZeoFill email

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