"Zeolite" refers to a group of minerals that are basically hydrated calcium potassium sodium aluminosilicates in which the water is held in cavities in the lattice. 

The lattices are negatively charged and they loosely hold cations such as calcium, sodium, ammonium, and potassium; and also water. 

Their ability to exchange one cation for another is known as their "cation-exchange capacity" or "CEC". Cation-exchange capacity is a measure of the number of cations per unit weight available for exchange, usually expressed as milliequivalents per 100 grams of material.

Zeolites are microporous, aluminosilicate minerals commonly used as commercial asorbents.
Although Zeolite can be used for many uses. 
ZeoFill only sells as artificial grass or synthetic turf infill.

Artificial Grass Infill: ZeoFill is the only zeolite in the world approved by all turf manufacturers to be installed on top of the turf as "INFILL". 

Air Filtration: Odor Control. Remove ammonia smell from carpet, blasting agent. 

Attic Deodorizer: Remove the musty mold smell from attics and basements.

Aquariums, water features and ponds Zeolite prevents growth of algae. 

Animal Feed Additives for animals including pigs, hogs, poultry, turkeys, horses, and ruminants. Promote the reproduction of beneficial microorganism and accelerate the growth of animals.
Enhance the immunity and restrain the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Horse Stall Freshener: Refreshens stalls and helps control fly population 

Cat Litter: Non-Clumping Cat Litter. 

Oil & Water Absorbant: Remove oil stains from your garage floor, nuclear or toxic waste, Hazmatic remover, 

Aquaculture: Ammonium control. 

Concrete and pozzolan. 

Ice traction control: Ice Melt,  traction material for snow and ice, great for driveways, walkways, handicap ramps, decorative stone, and more. After ice has melted, sweep the zeolite into your planters to keep your plants happy.  

Soil Amendment: soil amendment, fertilizers, high salinity soils, golf and turf. 

Swimming Pool Media: The superior alternative to sand. For better filtration & water quality! 

Water Purification:  Improve the water environment and increase the survival rate if use in aquatics. Reduce the concentration of ammonia and improve the husbandry environment. Cation removal such as Ba, Cu, Zn, Pb, etc., drinking water filtration, waste water treatment. Groundwater Pollution Control

Hookah Stream Stones: 
Try Steam Stones when you want the flavor and experience of shisha without the nicotine. Steam Stones consist of our zeolite, a specially selected 100% natural mineral complex with the ability to absorb fluid efficiently and, when heated, release the steam slowly. With grain sizes ranging between 5-9 mm, Steam Stones are suitable for use with any hookah. Unlike traditional shisha, no harmful combustion occurs, and there is no nicotine, molasses or sugar. Only fine liquid particles of steam are generated without fine dust or solids. This takes away the health risks associated with smoking for relaxed enjoyment.

by our sister company KMI Zeolite Inc.

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