40 lb ZeoFill Bags Online

Although we are a wholesale dealer, we can provide ZeoFill bags to areas in which our dealers are not presently located. We can provide only individual 40 lb bags to ship via UPS anywhere in the lower USA. Sorry not including Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico. We ship our smaller packages using UPS Ground from our LTL (Less than truckload) location in California. UPS picks up at 4:30 PST Mon – Fri.


Why do you only sell 40 lb bags instead of 50 lb bags online?  Because the shipping companies charge much more when the packages are over 50 lbs. At least now, we can ship one bag across the USA.


Why are the ZeoFill bags so expensive?  Because shipping each individual bag is very expensive. We can not put 2 bags in one box. There are times when we lose money due to shipping across the USA.
Not in this label? Then it is not ZeoFill. We do not allow our dealers to remove our product to re-bag.



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