Quality, Purity, Hardness and Value are the cornerstones of ZeoFill Incorporated’ product approach.

We've searched the world over to source the purest quality for the artificial grass industry. At 97+% pure clinoptilolite zeolite and the perfect DNA, we have the only product approved by majority of synthetic turf manufacturers around the world. We are constantly working to enhance and improve ZeoFill for Sport Fields, Residential & Playground turf applications. 

We keep up with your evolving needs by developing new and alternative media. ZeoFill Inc. is an industry leader in new product innovation: whether introducing an inorganic infill or making your outdoor experience smell fresher, you’ll find ZeoFill is the leader in zeolite infill whether you have odor or heat issues. 

ZeoFill is the best artificial grass pet deodorizer and heat reducing "infill". It helps control urine odors by holding onto the ammonium in the pet urine and preventing it from turning into a gas, which is the main cause of smell. This is the choice pet system by leading turf manufacturers in the USA.

Other zeolite products will not be warranted by manufacturer if it causes harm to turf fibers. Turf manufacturers recommend to use a clinoptilolite zeolite only with a 97+% purity and a Mohs hardness of 4.2 to 5 with no quartz aka (Crystalline Free Silica)

What does ZeoFill consist of? 

There are over 50 different types of zeolite. ZeoFill has truly the purest 97+% Clinoptilolite zeolite which is volcano ash that landed on purified water millions of years ago.  ZeoFill's Mohs is 4.2 to 5 and we stand behind our product with a 5 to 8 year warranty depending on mesh size. 

The majority of other company's volcano ash landed on silica, clay, chromium, dirt, granite, and other impurities which could harm turf fibers or prevent proper turf drainage. These zeolite's are usually lower in purity.   

"Zeolite" refers to a group of minerals that are basically hydrated calcium potassium sodium aluminosilicates in which the water is held in cavities in the lattice. 

Zeolite's are microporous, aluminosilicate minerals commonly used as commercial absorbents or household uses. 

The lattices are negatively charged and they loosely hold cations such as calcium, sodium, ammonium, and potassium; and also water. In other words, it acts like a magnet which holds liquids for long periods of time which cools the turf. 

Their ability to exchange one cation for another is known as their "cation-exchange capacity" or "CEC". Cation-exchange capacity is a measure of the number of cations per unit weight available for exchange, usually expressed as milliequivalents per 100 grams of material.

BEWARE: There are several companies selling a zeolite with a low Mohs hardness of 3 - 4. This will degenerate within a few years leaving you with no infill to support your turf fibers.  

Other zeolite mines don't compare! 

You don't want to use just any zeolite product from any mine. Unfortunately, artificial turf installers try to find less expensive chabazite zeolite infill products but they don't realize it could do more harm than good when applied on synthetic turf.

So only trust ZeoFill - Named "The Best Zeolite Brand" by SYNLawn & Global Syn-turf.  
ZeoFill Incorporated is not just a supplier: we’re a partner, working to help you achieve optimal results for your business. That’s the core of our business philosophy.

It starts with knowledge: our staff are experts in the synthetic turf industrial and construction minerals for over a decade, and can answer all your questions about the products and services we have to offer. FAQ

Throughout it all, we are committed to exceeding your expectations with accurate, timely, helpful service. Because we believe dealing with ZeoFill Inc should be the easiest part of your day.


I just wanted to Thank You for your suggestion of using your product Zeofill! I installed an imitation lawn so that I would have a lawn that looks good but that dogs would be able to relieve themselves on without ruining the look of the lawn. After having it ilnstalled for a period of time it started to smell like urine even after maintaining it as I was told to by the company in which I purchased the product.. It got to the point that I could not sit out in my backyard and enjoy the new waterfall my husband and I had installed or have a nice dinner outside because of the smell. After speaking to you  about the problem I felt confident that we would be able to address my concerns by using your product, Zeofill. Well, it was an immediate improvement and the smell has dissipated !  My husband  and I are able to once again enjoy our backyard and our waterfall !! As a matter of fact, I have planned a family BBQ for this weekend and am actually looking forward to sitting out there where as before I would be out there and be stressed about the odor ! Thank You So Much for your suggestion, we can't Thank You enough!

Anne Marie Saint-Martin
San Diego, CA

Oh My Dog!  Brian, if you came into our yard, you would not know that we have dogs.  So far, Zeofill is amazing.  We have been able to enjoy sitting out on the patio and time in the pool because the odor is gone. 
We have tried so many products, most help for a day or two and then the smell is back, or the product smells like perfume, with urine odor still coming thru. Thanks.  I will check back with you as time goes on, using both products you suggested.

If you ever need a test yard for new products, call me!

Meg Flynn 
Program Manager 
Scottsdale, AZ 


SYNLawn has been engaged with the ZeoFill product since January of 2013. At that time we converted from the product we had been using due to ongoing complaints and felt the ZeoFill product was far superior to what we had used in the past.  Since the conversion, we are convinced that ZeoFill is the best dog deoderizer on the market for use with artificial grass. Be cautious of other similar products trying to convince you they are the same.  They are not all alike and we learned that the hard way.  We not only recommend ZeoFill to our distributor network and pet customers, we insist on it!

Michelle Balicki
Marketing Manager                           See Official Letter


Global Syn-Turf recognizes ZeoFill as having quality products as well as great customer service. 

Rachel Brady                                   See Official Letter 
Marketing and Sales Manager
Global Syn-Turf, Inc.


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Los Angeles Uses Our Zeolite to Remove Odor
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Picture above shows how pure our zeolite is compare to our competition shown below. Purity means quality. 
Picture a box of 5 different nuts and the cashews are the only absorbing mineral that removes the urine odors. Why would you purchase a box of 5 different nuts to remove odor when you can buy just the cashews? 
This is why ZeoFill is the best clinoptilolite zeolite for artificial grass.

Our zeolite is the only product Dr Garry Gordon uses in his human consumption product (ZeoGold™). It is used by
humans (added as powder about 150 mg/ea to water, 
juice or other soft drink) and functions as an immune enhancement, nutrient supplement.  

Click here for a link to a video to learn more about zeolite 
in the human body and why it is important to use the right zeolite. 

NOTE: This is informational only - ZeoFill does not sell ZeoGold
  Premium Zeolite Infill
100% Organic, 100% Quartz Free & California Prop 65 Safe
For Cooling Synthetic Turf Playgrounds, Sports Fields and Helps Control Pet Odor